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Fee-Based Investing

Wouldn't You Rather Have Your Own Fiduciary Watching Over Your Money?

We are fee-based Investment Advisors Representatives and Fiduciaries, which, by law, requires us to put your interest ahead of our own. We can receive either an hourly wage or set dollar amount for work that’s established well in advance, or a fee which is a small percentage that is based upon the balance in your account, or both. When your balance goes down we make less, when it goes up we make more. You can rest assured that we will position you according to your individual needs, not ours. The best part is you do not have to write us a check monthly, because the fee comes directly out of your account.

In fact, since we are compensated generally according to how well we grow and preserve your wealth, we share in your goals – much the way a business partner would. We feel that when it is time to roll-over your 401k that fee-based advice could be much better to help you get to, and through retirement.

We Are Both Sitting On the Same Side of the Table In Pursuit of the Same Objectives

Brokers and most big Retail Banks and Brokerage Companies on the other hand, make their living by earning commissions on what they sell. The more transactions they create, the more income they make. You may not feel confident knowing if the recommendation is what is in your best interest or theirs, and there is no law or standard that requires them to do so as long as the sale is suitable to your needs. We on the other hand are held to a higher standard and are required to do what is best for you.

Federal law requires that Registered Investment Advisors like Secure Asset Management, LLC (Mike is an investment advisor representatives through SAM) be held to a strict Fiduciary Standard. This standard requires that we act only in your best interest and charging commissions has an inherent conflict of interest that we must avoid.

Benchmarks for this standard require that we can prove that we have provided you with optimal investment choices as well as disclosing to you any potential interest we might have in one of our recommendations.

Our fee-based accounts include:

  • 401k's and IRAs
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Non-Qualified, or non-IRA Accounts
  • Wrap accounts

With TradeWell’s guidance, you can coordinate your entire financial program under one convenient roof. Our team can also work seamlessly with your other established professionals, too.

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