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Protect the Big Picture: Your Life, Your Family And Your Legacy
Life Insurance can provide a Tax Free amount of money to your family, Church or Charity. Let’s face it, Death is not an option, but planning for it is.

In most circumstances Life Insurance Death Benefits are Tax Free to your Beneficiaries. You give the insurance company a small amount of money now and when you die they would write a much larger check to your beneficiaries. It’s that simple. I believe it to be one of the best investments you could make.

There are many circumstances why you – or any individual – should immediately evaluate their insurance coverage.

  1. You might have changed jobs – or received a pay increase or decrease
  2. You could have moved, sold or bought property, including a home
  3. You might have gotten married or divorced
  4. Perhaps you had a child – or are thinking about sending a child to college
  5. You might be wondering if some of the insurance policies you’ve purchased over the years still provide the benefits you need to cope with today’s needs
  6. You have an older policy that has not been checked on. Maybe your insurance company has sold or merged with another? We need to make sure the beneficiary forms made it to the new company.


Consider Reviewing Your Policies With A TradeWell™ Advisor

One of our professionals can help you:

  • Determine if the type of life insurance—whole life vs. term life—and the amount of coverage in your life insurance policy supports your short- and long-term financial goals, especially if you’ve had significant changes in your finances and debt level
  • Put in place any changes that may be needed regarding your life insurance beneficiaries
  • Review the potential need for disability or long-term care insurance
  • Provide information on potential changes to your existing policies
  • Identify the level of risk you are currently are taking
  • Identify and locate possible strategies in reducing risk


During your initial consultation with one of our advisors we will address any current policies you have. Or perhaps speak of the need for additional coverage as many people are under insured. If you have a mortgage, or persons who rely on your annual income to make it we might want to protect that with a low-cost term life insurance policy. It just makes good sense.

The Right Insurance Protection Can Minimize Losses To Your Assets, Business Or Health

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